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Let's get started with a view of the gym
 Cutting edge cable crossover (life fitness)

We're working together to build you a healthy heart

 This is a healthy heart


 This is an unhealthy heart 


 Which one belongs to you?



This is a comparison of 5 pounds of fat vs. 5 pounds of muscle 


**The 5 pounds of muscle can fit into the 5 pounds of fat, thus shrinking one's body volume.



 A pound of muscle burns approximately 40 calories per day.



 A pound of fat burns approximately 9 calories per day.




 Which 5 pounds do you have more of on your body?



Let's not forget your lungs

Once we join as a team, my 20 years of experience will be guiding you through the most effective and efficient way to build and maintain your healthy pair of lungs as well as your healthy heart. 


                Healthy Lung          Unhealthy Lung




Foods For Your Success

  This is the kind of whole food macro-nutrient intake that we will be discussing together in order to build a solid foundation of healthy daily intake.


 **These are macro nutrients. This includes carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, fiber, whole grains, and nuts.


**As a nutrition specialist, I will be teaching you how to eat whole foods which will build your lean mass, decrease your body fat, and increase your metabolism as well as your nutrient uptake for balance and general health.  



Drink Plenty of Water

 You also need water for hydration and to metabolize your fat as you are doing your cardiovascular fitness.




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